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[09 Mar 2009|01:42pm]

PUNK SOUNDS *70-90 funhouse_x

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I'm new [16 Aug 2005|12:51am]

[ mood | determined ]

Hey, I'm Jake, I'm 18 and I live in Wolverhampton (Uk). I like bands such as Rancid, Nofx, the distillers and the sex pistols.

For the last few weeks i've been thinking about changing my appearance, especially my hair. Since i'll be moving back to America, I've wanted a new look to go with it.

In the past I have dyed my hair many shades of many different colours, and had it trimmed into different styles. Currently my hair is jet black with a mixture of pink, red and orange streaks. My fringe is quite long, and constantly gets in the way of my eyes, whilst the rest of my hair is considerably shorter and usually spiked up in many weird ways.

I was wandering if anybody had any tips or ideas.

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A Fuckin' Way of Life [10 May 2005|05:29pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

Jorge Jorge

Lead singer of the Casualties, as if you didn't know....Drawn from the cover of The Early Years CD

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Attention Bands! [10 May 2005|02:31pm]

Got a record in the works but lacking good cover art? I'm just getting started in my illustration business, and will provide cheaper services to Punk bands than other clients. If you're really persuasive, I might even do it for free! Contact me by commenting here or in my personal journal... You can check out some of my work here; http://drerock.deviantart.com/gallery/
Most of the images in the gallery only show what I can do with caricature and portraits. I can do really complicated shit, too, if that's what you're looking for.
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[19 Feb 2005|03:54pm]


I could use some advice/help [31 Jan 2005|02:40pm]

[ mood | curious ]

This is my first post here!

So first of all, hello!

And here's my "problem":

Last year, during autumn, I had a lot of stress, and over 50% of my hair fell out. Luckily it stopped about two months ago, I feared I was getting bold or something.

I'm going to England in June, and I decided to get a mohawk there (I've been wanting one for quite awhile now!). I'm just not sure if I should get a trihawk (which was my initial idea) or a truehawk. I figured, since I don't have that much hair anymore, it would make my trihawk look too thin, and that would probably suck. Could anyone tell me what would be better? Plus, I have no idea what colour to make the hawk. I was thinking about red, and maybe with a little black. I'm open to any suggestions regarding color or length or both.

I was also wondering, whether a hawk would "look good" on me. (just to make one thing clear: I don't want a hawk for the fashion, I'd get a fawhawk then, but I want a trihawk or a truehawk, like I said)
I know I'm not the prettiest person out there, and I'm going to get a hawk even if it won't look as good on me as it does on some people; but I was just curious about your opinions.

Below are some pictures of myself, for you to judge. (I apologize about the quality of some [and the size as well, they're quite big]; it wasn't my camera and I just fooled around a bit with it.. hehe)

And here are the pics, they're 640x480 now, so I'd say they're viewable! ^^

Read more...Collapse )

Thanks, in advance! <3

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[11 Oct 2004|06:36pm]

[ mood | curious ]

what the hell do u ppl talk bout in here? where are all u ppl located, im in Sydney Australia

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shameless promoting...delete if you want [12 Jul 2004|08:15pm]

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[20 Jun 2004|06:39pm]

join whores4cheapsex, my cheap sex community
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It shouldn't be about Fashion... [19 Jun 2004|08:13am]


Hey.  I'm Becca, I'm 15, and I'm new.  The only reason I joined was because I wanted to ask if this community was a joke or not.  I mean, I know there is a typical punk appearance, but isn't that just fashion?  Doesn't that make punk like any other sterotype?  On the info page to this community it says it's made for showing of punk clothes and stuff.  How is that punk?  If you're all supposed to be ReAl Punk RawK!!!111 or whatever, why do you care so much about punk fashion?  I can understand if you just like it, if it's just your thing, it's what you feel cool and tough in.  I mean, I dress like that too.  But isn't it against what we stand for to go bragging about it?  Don't get me wrong though.  I'm not one of those people who thing that this rebellion of style is hypocritical.  If we all dress differently and can unite then maybe there's a better chance of us making a change.  We'll be more likely to be heard.  But time spent on a community to brag about how long your hawk is or who's got more pyramid spikes is like you're just dressing like that for no reason, and that's not what punk is.  That's not what punk was, at least.  I dunno.  I know I shouldn't let it get to me, it's just a community.  But it's offensive to something I take pride in and have taken pride in for a long time.  Eh.  I guess I'll just stay in this community to discuss shit with someone if they go around saying shit like "BuSH sUcKs!!!!  IF yOu GeT rId Of BuSh, EverYthiNg WiLl bE peRFEct juST LIKe  iT  WaS before!!!1111"...yeah. 

What does 77 mean to you?  Anything? 

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[29 Apr 2004|08:08pm]

Oi, I be William.

I have like 500 studs and nothing to do with them.

PLEASE suggest something.

My jacket is not an option.

Its filled up

I've already added them to my boots and a few to the crotches of my pants. *shrugs*
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Hmm.. [11 Mar 2004|10:44pm]

[ mood | bored ]

Punk Rating Community

kidswithavision Join the community today.

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i didnt finsh the last one.. [06 Mar 2004|03:39pm]
so anyways what should he use to spike it? his lj is icon_of_filth89
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[06 Mar 2004|03:37pm]
ok i just joind and this post isnt for me as much as its for my friend. he has a mohawk an its about 5-6 inches. an he spikes it so fuckin bad. i feel embarrased to walk with him, thats how shitty it is.
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... [26 Feb 2004|04:30pm]

[ mood | shitty ]


How the fuck are ya? My name's Kendra(but call me Izzi or Tobie), I'm 14, live in a hick town in CA(yah it's real fun *rolls eyes*), and my full name is Kendra Lindsay Webb, but I just go by Tobie Valentine...I like a shit load of good bands an I am in <3 with Jake from the Casualties...

Hm...well, there's not much more to say about me...um, I don't know how to put up a god damn picture cuase I'm retarded, so here is just a fucking link to a bunch of um: http://img28.photobucket.com/albums/v84/hideous_beauty (if you need a password, it's marcum).


</3 Tobie Valentine

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quick question [10 Feb 2004|09:27am]

i'm gonna be bleaching my hair and then dying it sum funky color soon.....and i was wondering which hair dye last longest so I can look beautiful for the longest I can :P
any help is appricated.....oh and should i not only bleach my hair, but use some of that white toner stuff?

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New community [23 Jan 2004|01:36am]

[ mood | amused ]

For anyone who is interested, I have just started a new community. It's an Add-a-friend community, but for those of us who are interested in meeting people who are into punk, metal, and all other related interests. Check it out.

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I don't want to be in your secret society. [19 Jan 2004|03:05pm]

[ mood | drained ]

It's more than the crazy punk rock clothes you wear.Collapse )

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+*joint it cunts*+ [19 Jan 2004|10:12pm]

[ mood | artistic ]


Come and have a go if you think your punk and foxie enough!



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cultures just a bore when your angry young and poor. [19 Jan 2004|03:06pm]

[ mood | discontent ]

hey kids. im new in town and have no fucking clue how all this shit on live journal works. but here i am. im a lover of the punk shit. i love fucking robbie from Fall in Line. hes a good fuck. bands that are cool in my book: the nips, dag nasty, the unseen, the virus, the casualties, minor threat, bad brains you know pretty that shit. anyways im shannon, im from dallas. well thats it.

x shannon

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