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I could use some advice/help

This is my first post here!

So first of all, hello!

And here's my "problem":

Last year, during autumn, I had a lot of stress, and over 50% of my hair fell out. Luckily it stopped about two months ago, I feared I was getting bold or something.

I'm going to England in June, and I decided to get a mohawk there (I've been wanting one for quite awhile now!). I'm just not sure if I should get a trihawk (which was my initial idea) or a truehawk. I figured, since I don't have that much hair anymore, it would make my trihawk look too thin, and that would probably suck. Could anyone tell me what would be better? Plus, I have no idea what colour to make the hawk. I was thinking about red, and maybe with a little black. I'm open to any suggestions regarding color or length or both.

I was also wondering, whether a hawk would "look good" on me. (just to make one thing clear: I don't want a hawk for the fashion, I'd get a fawhawk then, but I want a trihawk or a truehawk, like I said)
I know I'm not the prettiest person out there, and I'm going to get a hawk even if it won't look as good on me as it does on some people; but I was just curious about your opinions.

Below are some pictures of myself, for you to judge. (I apologize about the quality of some [and the size as well, they're quite big]; it wasn't my camera and I just fooled around a bit with it.. hehe)

And here are the pics, they're 640x480 now, so I'd say they're viewable! ^^

Thanks, in advance! <3
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