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It shouldn't be about Fashion...

Hey.  I'm Becca, I'm 15, and I'm new.  The only reason I joined was because I wanted to ask if this community was a joke or not.  I mean, I know there is a typical punk appearance, but isn't that just fashion?  Doesn't that make punk like any other sterotype?  On the info page to this community it says it's made for showing of punk clothes and stuff.  How is that punk?  If you're all supposed to be ReAl Punk RawK!!!111 or whatever, why do you care so much about punk fashion?  I can understand if you just like it, if it's just your thing, it's what you feel cool and tough in.  I mean, I dress like that too.  But isn't it against what we stand for to go bragging about it?  Don't get me wrong though.  I'm not one of those people who thing that this rebellion of style is hypocritical.  If we all dress differently and can unite then maybe there's a better chance of us making a change.  We'll be more likely to be heard.  But time spent on a community to brag about how long your hawk is or who's got more pyramid spikes is like you're just dressing like that for no reason, and that's not what punk is.  That's not what punk was, at least.  I dunno.  I know I shouldn't let it get to me, it's just a community.  But it's offensive to something I take pride in and have taken pride in for a long time.  Eh.  I guess I'll just stay in this community to discuss shit with someone if they go around saying shit like "BuSH sUcKs!!!!  IF yOu GeT rId Of BuSh, EverYthiNg WiLl bE peRFEct juST LIKe  iT  WaS before!!!1111"...yeah. 

What does 77 mean to you?  Anything? 

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